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So I finally decided to move the blog here. this step will merge my Alrudin identity with my real identity. Not that it was a secret but for a little while I was keeping the identities separate. Now I don’t think I care.

So now I have to spend some time to fix the site up to work as I want it to, and I’ll have to find something to blog about.

I guess I should introduce myself at this time. I’m a IT security geek and I’ve been into IT security for 14 years now. I started with firewalls and network security, but have since then been around a lot of stuff. Right now I mainly do penetration testing and IT forensic work.

The last step is actually easy, as this blog will be about IT security in it’s many forms. The reason I started to blog again is because I now are in the process of setting up a SANS mentor class in Computer Forensic Investigations and Incident Response FOR508. I’m looking forward to doing this a lot. The actual start of the class will be in August sometime. I’ll post the start date when it’s official along with a link to the SANS page.

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